नेपाल सरकार
वन तथा वातावरण मन्त्रालय
राष्ट्रिय निकुञ्ज तथा वन्यजन्तु संरक्षण विभाग

२९ औं वन्यजन्तु सप्ताह २०८१ | संरक्षित क्षेत्र कार्यालयहरुको आ.ब. २०८१/८२ को योजना तर्जूमा गोष्ठी सम्पन्न । | माननीय वन तथा वातावरण मन्त्री नवल किशोर साह सुडीलाई राष्‍ट्रिय निकुञ्‍ज विभागमा स्वागत

घस्रने जातका जन्तु

अजिङ्गर (एसिएटिक रक पाईथन)

Asiatic Rock Python (Python molurus) belongs to the Squamata Order and Boidae Family. The snake is native to Nepal, India, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Pakistan, Sri lanka, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand, Africa and Australia in the world. It is found near wetlands of terai protected areas. The lifespan of python is 15 to 19 years. Its body colour is whitish or yellowish with dark brown blotches of rectangular or square shaped. The rock python is 6 m to 8 m long. The weight is about 85 kg to 136 kg. The main characteristic of rock python is it favours wet and shaded areas for living. It lays about 60 to 100 eggs. The size of the egg is 3.5 ×2.5 cm and the hatching period is 8 to 10 weeks. It is listed as a vulnerable species in the IUCN Red List category and Appendix I of CITES. The legal status of this species in Nepal is Protected (Appendix I) under the National Parks and Wildlife Conservation Act 1973. It is protected because of its heavy habitat loss. It is traded in national and international markets due to its skin.


  • नेपालमा अधिक चोरी शिकार र अभैद व्यापार हुने वन्यजन्तु तथा वनस्पतिको जानकारी, २०७५ http://dnpwc.gov.np/media/publication/banyajantu_book.pdf.
  • साईटिस अनुसूचीमा सुचिकृत नेपालमा पाइने संकटापन्न वन्यजन्तु तथा वनस्पति, २०७५


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